Goats play an important role in our farm operation. They eat blackberries leaves and keep invasive species under control. Their manure is composted and used on our crops. As part of this, we raise a small number of meat goats each season. Goat meat is available by special order for pick-up at our farmers markets, from the farm and through our Community Shared Agriculture boxes. The animals are all raised on our farm from birth. Our goats receive a diet of hay, organic grain and foraging. The cuts are similar to what you would expect for lamb in terms of size. Goat meat is very lean and is exceptional in curries.

To order goat meat for pick-up from the farm or at a farmers market, please e-mail chris (at) closetohomeorganics (dot) com or call 604-897-1111.

Please note: our goat herd is not part of our certified organic program; although we strictly follow organic standards for care, we cannot always source certified organic hay.