Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a payment?

Payments can be made by cheque, by on-line banking (if you bank with a credit union), by credit card or by Interac e-transfer. 

  • Cheque: make cheques payable to Close To Home Organics and mail to the farm using the address on our contact us page.
  • On-line Banking: if you bank with a credit union, you can make a payment through your credit union's web site using their on-line bill payment system.  Add "Close To Home Organics" as a payee and use your full name as the account number.
  • Credit Card: to pay by credit card, login here and click on "make payment".  Enter the amount to pay then select PayPal as your payment method and follow the prompts.
  • Interac e-transfer: This is an increasingly popular payment method. Simply follow the instructions provided by your financial institution and use chris [at] closetohomeorganics [dot] com as the recipient e-mail.

What is my account balance?

Login to your account here to see your account balance.  A negative balance indicates the amount you owe.  A positive balance indicates the amount of credit you have.  You can spend any credit by placing an order in our farm's on-line store before the end of the season.  Your order will be delivered with your next CSA box.

What is the address of my pick-up location?

Find the address for your pick-up location any time by logging into your account here then clicking on the "Pick-up Directions" tab.

Can I change my pick-up location?

Yes.  You can change your pick-up location on-line by logging into your account here and clicking on the blue "Change Location" button on the right.  Changes can be made up to two days prior to your delivery day.  If you need help, please contact us.

What if I forget to pick-up my box?

If you forget to pick-up your box within the specified time frame, in general, please do go collect your box when you remember!  Excepting farmers markets, boxes will remain after the specified pick-up time, though the quality of the fresh produce will deteriorate the longer it remains without refrigeration, we cannot guarantee forgotten boxes.  You can also get in touch with your location host to say hi or thanks or notify them of an off-schedule pick-up time too, login here to find your host's contact information.

What do I do with my bin?

Leave your empty bin at your pick-up location and we will collect it.  When you pick-up, you can bring your own bags and leave the bin, or you may take your bin home and return it the next week.  Please return your empty bins promptly so we don't run out!

I am going on holiday, what can I do with my box?

You can "hold" one box during the season in return for credit in our on-line store.  You can also have a friend collect your box in your absence.  Or we can donate your box to someone who needs it.  If you would like to hold or donate your box, just email joanna[at] with the dates and let us know.

How do I put my box on hold?

Going away?  To put your box on hold, login to your account to set the date you want your box held.  A credit will be placed on your account for your held box that you can spend later in the farm's on-line store.  Credits must be used before the season is out!

Can I put my box on hold in exchange for credit for more than 1 week?

No.  Unfortunately the farm cannot control the timing of the harvest closely enough to trade more than 1 box per season per share of current fresh produce for later credit.

How do I log into my CSA account?

You can log into your CSA account here.  Your account email and password you set up when you originally signed up for our CSA program.  If you have forgotten your password, you can use the link to "forgot password" on the login page.  Through your CSA login you can access directions to your pick-up location, change your pick-up location, update your contact information, make a payment, or place an order for additional food from our farm.

How do I use a credit on my account?

Log into the farm's on-line store here to place an order and use up your credit.  Orders may be placed up to two days prior to delivery day and will be delivered with your regular weekly CSA box.  Note: when completing your order, choose payment method "cheque", though do not actually pay unless you have exceeded the amount of your credit.  (If you do exceed the amount of your credit, after you have completed your order, see "How do I make a payment" above to pay the remaining balance.)  You must use your credit before the season is over!

How do I place an order in the farm's on-line store?

Log in to the farm's on-line store here or follow the "web store" link when logged into your CSA account.  Orders may be placed up to two days prior to delivery day and will be delivered with your regular weekly CSA box.

Can I special order extra food from the farm?

Yes.  In the farm's on-line store various fresh produce and other items will be offered through the season from our farm and other local farms.  If you do not see what you are looking for, please feel free to contact chris[at] to make a special request, we will help if we can!

Can I customize the contents of my weekly box?

No.  The contents of the boxes are determined by what is fresh and ready for harvest each week.  Our crop plan has been carefully arranged to supply a good variety of fresh produce throughout the season, so if you don't see something you know the farm grows in the boxes yet, be patient, it will come!  Look here for more information on what to expect.

How do I get in touch with my location host?

Your host's contact information can be found by logging in here and clicking on "Pick-up Directions".